Pre Construction

Marsh Bell’s mantra of success from the start is in full effect during the pre- construction phase of our projects. The overall success of any project depends heavily on the pre- construction stage, and transparent, decisive decision making is key to obtaining the best possible value that we look to find for every one of our customers. We work hard to develop a detailed plan that clearly outlines every step of the project to make sure that everyone involved has a complete and total understanding. Below are some of the pre-construction services we pride ourselves on:

  • Define the preliminary scope of work
  • Evaluate the design for construction
  • Risk mitigation to identify potential risks or likelihood of risk
  • Review client’s needs assessment, which may include site surveys, permit requirements, and budget requirements
  • Preliminary budget development and cost control measures (Value Engineering)
  • Develop a preliminary milestone construction schedule
  • Solicit competitive subcontractor and material bids

Construction Management

When Marsh Bell assumes the position of Construction Manager on a project, the same attitude and intuitive that is put forth in our pre-construction process are even more essential to ensuring the success of our client’s project. We work hard to ensure that from conception to completion, everyone involved is well informed and has a clear idea of the objectives of the project to ensure we come in on or under budget. Below are a few of the construction management services that we practice:

  • Provide on-site construction administration, supervision and coordination
  • Develop and maintain construction schedules
  • Ensure code requirements are met
  • Maintain cost accounting and cost control records
  • Monitor adherence to safety programs and coordinate all safety requirements
  • Effectively communicate start to finish expectations to the project team
  • Conduct regularly scheduled construction site meetings
  • Resolve punchlist items, schedule client final inspection, complete contract closeout

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Marsh Bell Construction has experience in the construction of pre-engineered buildings since 1985. With Marsh/Bell’s overall industry-leading expertise, we can make virtually any building design a reality. Below are some of the benefits to a pre-engineered building.

  • Faster construction time and beneficial cost savings
  • Energy effecient roof and wall systems
  • Architectural versatility and desgni options
  • Large clear span with flexibility of expansion
  • Low maintanence
  • Expert Butler building design consultation

Design Build

Marsh Bell Construction’s collaborative design-build services allow us to work alongside the architect and engineers to meet the specific needs and goals of your project in a cost-effective and time-sensitive manner. Much like the tactics we employ with pre-construction and construction management, Marsh Bell's goal for every design-build project is a “Success from the Start.” Below are some of our design-build services.

  • Become the one-stop-shop to coordinating the design and build cycle of the project
  • Assist with identifying the ideal design partners
  • Prepare a cost estimate and proposal for the design and construction of the project
  • Assist with the design to manage the client’s budget
  • Offer Value Engineering in real-time to minimize the design cycle
  • Managing the construction phase with the same approach as Construction Management or General Contracting