Having completed the Land and Plan project phases, you are ready to start building. If you’ve been working with Marsh Bell up to this point, your team is already in place and ready to get started. Trust has been built, communication channels established, and our project team has a thorough understanding of your expectations. Now, we need to bring our resources together with our known subcontractor base to deliver your project.

If you have not already been working with the team at Marsh Bell, there are three main project models your build may follow. Our team is experienced with each and ready to serve you.

The Design-Build Model
In a Design Build model, we manage the work and keep the project focused on delivering a finished build that delivers revenue to you. With this collaborative service, Marsh Bell hand-selects an architect uniquely suited to your project’s needs from our extensive professional network and partners with engineers to ensure we achieve your project goals in a cost-effective and time-sensitive manner. Working in this way, we reduce the risks associated with miscommunication between architect and builder and minimize the possibility of project delays.

The Design-Bid-Build Model
Some owners prefer a design, bid, build approach. In this model, we invest time in the formation of the contract, discussing your budget, establishing cost or price for Marsh Bell, sequence, schedule, risk mitigation, insurance planning and other requirements.

As we prepare to mobilize, we understand through lessons learned that projects finish as well as they start. That’s why we put time into early planning, so you are not reacting later. We assign your Project Manager and Superintendent to plan the work and begin the selection of qualified subcontractors who are known, reliable, safe and productive. We also work to establish sequences, safety protocols, testing and inspection plans.

With all the planning in place, the project Superintendent will guide the project through the sequence of construction, maintaining the schedule while allowing time for appropriate safety measures and quality assurance. Our Project Manager will coordinate with you, the architects and engineers to communicate effectively and ensure the scope of work is delivered on time and on budget.

The Three-Bids & Buy Model
While we generally prefer to build a stronger partnership than is typically achieved with this building approach, we understand that for some industries this is the preferred method and we have completed many projects of this type. To learn more and request a bid, please email

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with Marsh Ball to develop and complete your project, please call our owner, Paul Westberry, directly on his cell phone at 864-354-9223.

Our Goal
Regardless of project type or build model, or goal remains the same. We seek to turn over a building or facility that meets or exceeds your expectations, and in the process, to build a lasting relationship with you.

Marsh Bell

Marsh Bell