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Marsh Bell has a proven process to monetize your land. We partner with you in the early project phases, utilizing our extensive network of experts to help strategically develop your project while looking out for your best interests.

The scope of work necessary to design plans and obtain approval for a construction project is immense. But our experienced, in-house staff manage everything, including entitlement, site due diligence, survey, environmental review, and coordinate with local authorities and utility companies. Without the right partner at this critical early stage, the entire project may fail or be significantly delayed.

Our team conducts a thorough Project Feasibility Review of your project, beginning with the land. We examine the project from every angle to ensure there are no surprises or delays once construction is underway. To accomplish this, we:

  • Help you build your team of Civil Engineers, Surveyors and other Consultants for Site Due Diligence
  • Establish preliminary use list for Utilities, Power, Water, Sewer, Fire Water and Fiber
  • Establish a log of required Permits, Requirements and Timelines
  • Early modeling of Land Development Costs – both Construction and Owners Estimate

While others may skip steps to start building sooner, we believe in taking the time to do things right. It may be tempting to just hire a civil engineer and architect and begin construction. Sometimes that may work. But before you start incurring fees, we believe our proven process is the best approach.

One Consultant for All Your Needs

Why engage a General Contractor this early in your construction project? Because we understand the details that are often overlooked early in the process, only to pop up and cause expensive problems later. From unpaid Tap Fees to power companies that can’t deliver transformers and insufficient water pressure for the required ESFR sprinkler system, we’ve seen it all.

Experienced developers have staff, processes and partner subconsultants, but they are often lacking key components like leadership or sequence and coordination for an overall effort. That is where Marsh Bell makes a difference. Our experience, knowledge and proven process ensure you maximize revenue.

With the site intelligence review completed and all necessary permits obtained, it’s time to plan your build.

Marsh Bell

Marsh Bell