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Commitment to Safety

Marsh Bell Construction is committed to an incident and injury-free culture. We believe that no job, task or schedule is more important than the health and safety of people on or near our jobsites. Placing safety in the forefront of everything we do is critical because accidents impact not only the one who is injured, but entire families.

We believe that accidents are preventable through personal commitment with our project teams, continuous training and careful planning.

While we’re fortunate to have an excellent health and safety record, we are constantly evaluating ourselves and taking measures to improve upon our safety culture. One critical aspect of our safety program is our partnership with Life and Safety Consultants, Inc. This alliance has proven to be an invaluable partner helping our teams continually strengthen our approach to job safety.

Their program includes:

  • Random weekly audits for safety and health compliance.
  • All observations noted and documented.
  • Infractions immediately addressed in the appropriate manner to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Reports distributed to the Marsh Bell project and leadership teams to identify any trends that may require additional attention.

We appreciate the commitment of our employees, subcontractors and customers to our combined commitment to an incident-free project site. Our culture is that of caring, and that drives us for continual improvement and sharing our culture with those we interact with every day.

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