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Commitment to Safety

The leadership at Marsh Bell is devoted to the health and safety of our team, our customers, subcontractors, suppliers and those adjacent to our ongoing construction projects. We believe that accidents are preventable through concentrated effort and careful planning. While Marsh Bell has an excellent history with health and safety, we are constantly evaluating ourselves and taking measures to improve upon the safety-first culture established by our CEO, Paul Westberry.

To this end, we work with a third-party safety consultant, Josh Unger, a senior environmental health and safety consultant with Life and Safety Consultants, Inc. This company acts as Marsh Bell’s independent safety manager. Josh has extensive experience in job site safety and has proved an invaluable partner, helping Marsh Bell to strengthen our health and safety plan.

During the Pre-Construction phase, our team evaluates the following areas to develop a customized safety plan for each construction site:

  • Construction adjacency to local thoroughfares busy with auto and pedestrian traffic
  • Adjacent construction projects / Laydown areas
  • Site security
  • Existing and new energized utilities
  • Sufficient work force within our qualified Subcontractors to support the project with a focus to minimize tiered subs.
  • Schedule timeframes and work hours

When assembling the project schedule, we evaluate the job site and surrounding areas using the critical path method and identify risks associated with all phases and aspects of the project. We work to ensure that tasks to be completed concurrently comply with all health and safety codes, including those mandated by OSHA and our own internal procedures.

At the project kick-off meeting, we set the tone for a safe project. We lay out the roles, responsibilities, and expectations regarding safety for everyone present at the meeting and those who may visit the job site throughout the course of the project. In addition, we also set expectations for our mandatory weekly job site meetings, which serve many purposes. They act as a constant reminder for everyone in attendance that safety is always the priority and the responsibility of everyone on the job site. They also ensure that any changes to the surrounding area or project updates that affect site safety and security are communicated to the entire team.

Each week, at a random time, Josh Unger audits project sites for safety and health compliance. All observations are noted and documented. Any infractions are immediately addressed in the appropriate manner to prevent re-occurrence. These reports are then distributed to the project and team leadership and used to identify any trends that may require additional attention.

Marsh Bell’s goal is to ensure that everyone who walks onto one of our job sites is safe. We are proud of our record, but know that it is only through constant vigilance and an intentional emphasis on building a strong culture of personal responsibility that we can keep our team and all those who work on our projects safe.

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