The Planning phase of your construction project involves making a number of decisions critical to maximizing your return on investment. Marsh Bell helps you determine project timelines and deliverables while utilizing cost estimates to fine tune the scope and prepare for construction.

We begin planning by assessing where you are in the process and coordinate communication to move the project forward. If you partnered with Marsh Bell in the Land phase, we have already completed an initial project feasibility study. If you are new to Marsh Bell, our Preconstruction Services team will work with you to understand the work already completed so we can progress seamlessly.

Building the Perfect Team
It is at this point we are ready to build the team necessary to turn your project from concept to reality. Leaning on our extensive network of local industry professionals, Marsh Bell builds a team of Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Architects, Engineers and Specialty Consultants well-suited to your unique build, establishing communication lines and clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

The newly constructed Project Team works under the guidance of Marsh Bell to develop Budgets, Schedules, Civil Drawings and Design Development Architectural Drawings. We compile all the information and check it against a financial model to confirm your decision to move forward or make any necessary scope changes.

Preparing to Build
With a plan in place, the team is now ready to develop Construction Documents, Project Execution Planning, long lead material procurement and subcontractor bid package / scope development. We will bid the project to our subcontractors, develop an estimate, review the estimate with you, discuss components of costs and contract for the build.

Marsh Bell offers a variety of Project Execution Models to fit your needs. Design Build, Construction Management or General Contractor all have differences to the process and responsibilities, and we will guide you through your options as we progress to the Build phase.

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Marsh Bell