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Our Process

Our focus is on bringing your vision to life. With a spirit of teamwork, excellent communication, and decades of industry experience, we work tirelessly to understand your needs and overcome every obstacle in your path.

Understand Your Goals

Every project starts with a discussion to help our team understand your goals. Whether your vision is to grow a small business, add retail space, expand a church sanctuary, or pursue aggressive industrial growth, our team listens and asks questions to ensure we thoroughly understand your unique needs. A successful project depends heavily on clear and open communication. By taking the time up front to discuss what you hope to accomplish, we ensure that every decision made throughout the course of the project is done with your best interests in mind. Regardless of what stage your project is in right now, whether it’s still just an idea in your mind or you’re ready to break ground, understanding your ultimate goal is critical for long-term success.

Develop a Plan

Excellence doesn’t happen by accident. After making sure we understand your goals, our team develops a custom plan based on decades of experience to help you understand what it will take to achieve success. Our step-by-step plan takes you from where you are now all the way through to the end, accounting for your budget and schedule at every stage along the way. Our entire team works together building this plan, ensuring every facet of the project is accounted for and nothing is overlooked. We’ll be upfront and honest with you about the obstacles you can expect to encounter during the project and show how to best prepare for them. After reviewing the plan carefully with you, we’ll make any necessary updates, and then our project managers will utilize it to guide your project, ensuring everyone is aligned and operating on time and within budget.

Build Your Vision

With a firm plan in place, your project can move forward. We manage every aspect, coordinating with highly qualified subcontractors and reputable vendors to finish your build or upfit in a timely manner. Our project managers are trained to track and control cost, assure high quality work, make sure safety regulations are enforced, and manage the scope so you don’t have to. This holistic approach ensures your vision is executed according to plan in a safe and timely manner. The experience our team has and the relationships we’ve formed over the years with some of the best workers and vendors in the business ensures we have the solutions and resources ready to meet any unexpected challenges and make your

Marsh Bell

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