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What is Pre-Construction?
The pre-construction phase is vital to your project’s success. It is at this early stage that details are discussed and the team comes to an understanding of project goals. Effective communication is especially critical at this juncture of your project, as the decisions made in this phase directly impact the project’s ultimate success.

Define the Scope

The scope of your project is more than just the building plans. It includes looking at the project in its entirety and asking more profound questions about what you hope to accomplish, the space’s intended use, and more. Starting here ensures that the entire team understands what it takes to succeed. By defining the scope early, we ensure that all subsequent decisions can be made with this information in mind, empowering everyone who touches the project to take an active role in its success.

Build Your Team
Behind every successful build is a diversely talented team. It takes a variety of talents to see a building project to completion. While there is no single list of team members for every project type, a good place to start building a well-rounded team is with the following:

  • Project Manager
  • Architectural Team
  • Engineering Team
  • Qualified Subcontractors

Marsh Bell’s extensive industry relationships have you covered here. Our professional network has everyone you’ll need to handle your project from start to finish.

Set a Project Timetable
Setting a reasonable project timeline is essential to success. The entire team must have input into this process. A knowledgeable team’s combined experience will help to effectively plan for each phase of construction. It is critical to keep the scope in mind at this stage to build an accurate schedule. The team should identify potential challenges within the project, discuss solutions, and complete the schedule with those in mind. This valuable team exercise can prove an invaluable time saver when roadblocks inevitably arise.

Project Budgeting

A thorough budget estimate once the team has defined the scope and created the schedule. As with scheduling, it is critical to consider every phase of the project and potential problems, such as material shortages, weather delays, labor shortages, and more, all of which can drive up costs. Getting feedback from the entire project team ensures that all perspectives and aspects of the project are represented in the final budget.

Final Essential Tasks

Once the project details are in place, there are still several items that the team must complete prior to construction. Any materials needed for the early stages of construction or that may have an extended lead time should be ordered early. A complete procurement schedule can also be created at this point to ensure all materials are accounted for and an ordering schedule is in place. A safety plan can be made along with a plan to implement and enforce throughout the entirety of the project. Any permits necessary should also be obtained, and final inspections completed, so nothing stands in the way of breaking ground.

By planning projects thoroughly and strategically, Marsh Bell saves you time and money. Our decades of experience and extensive industry connections provide a team of experts at your disposal throughout the entire planning and construction process to ensure that nothing is overlooked and every obstacle is met with a solution. That’s the Marsh Bell difference.

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