Our Regulations

At Marsh/Bell Construction Company, safety is our top priority. Our management team is fully committed to providing the safest workplace possible. A safe workplace does not come without hard work. It takes our full and constant attention to train and prepares our employees for the dangers of any job site. Our 35 years of excellent safety has come from a “Zero Tolerance Initiative,” this not only keeps everyone safe but ensures a successful project. Below are some of the safety standards and initiatives that Marsh/Bell employs on every project.

  • Zero tolerance equals zero harm- Marsh/Bell’s “Zero Tolerance Initiative,” states that we do not have any patience for unsafe behavior. Every employee works hard to keep his or her coworker accountable, ensuring that day in and day out, our job sites are safe places to work.
  • OSHA Compliance- Marsh/Bell has thoroughly reviewed and is in full compliance with OSCH requirements for the construction industry.
  • Subcontractor Compliance- Marsh/Bell evaluates the selection of its subcontractors on several categories, but no metric is more important than safety. The first thing we do when assessing a new subcontractor is to review their safety programs and past safety performance. Subcontractor compliance with Marsh/Bell’s safety policies and procedures is mandatory to work on our projects.
  • DHEC and JCAHO Training- Many components of these regulations relate to safety to the public, staff, and the worker. Marsh/Bell management is made acutely aware of the potential risks and provides training for involved employees.

Safety Qualifications

Marsh/Bell has an A rating in both ISN and Avetta. We are very thorough with our compliance for the stringent standard set by both of these top rating institutions.