It’s Our People

A company is no better than the individuals who work for it. Marsh/Bell works hard to maintain deep talent at all positions within the company. Virtually all of our project managers and superintendents are seasoned construction veterans. Aside from the technical skills our employees possess, we’re more proud of their caring attitude. It’s part of our company culture to give back whenever we can and that unique quality of Marsh/Bell has attracted most of our employees. Marsh/Bell places a constant emphasis on helping others with our construction knowledge and resources. See our Community & News page for some of the folks we have been fortunate enough to assist. Our employees are innovative, have a strong work ethic, and a “can do” attitude. Successful commercial construction as well as industrial construction requires it.

Our Business Philosophy

We view our job as helping our clients be successful at whatever they are attempting to do. We do that by helping them evaluate sites best suited for the facilities they need today, as well as in the future. By the same token, our design teams create spaces that make jobs easier, more efficient and effective; by designing attractive, yet durable spaces that employees and clients will love; and by designing and building cost effective projects. All of this is done with a high regard for the client’s time and minimal disruption to the client’s ongoing business.

Locally Owned and Managed

Marsh/Bell Construction Co. was formed in 1984 by Dwayne Bell and Jerry Marsh. In 2001, Mike Vargo, who has been with the company since day one, purchased Jerry’s interest. Dwayne and Mike are actively involved in all of the daily operations of the company. There are no layers of management to wade through to reach the decision makers.

Diverse Project Types and Areas Served

As you can see in our Project Profiles section, Marsh/Bell Construction has a wide range of experience across several markets. The majority of our projects are within 60-70 miles of Greenville, South Carolina, but we can travel for projects in other parts of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Unusually High Level of Professional Service and Trust

Clients are pleasantly surprised when they experience the extra effort we put forth on their behalf. Subcontractors often mention the fact that they notice and feel an unusually high degree of professionalism at Marsh/Bell. As with any relationship in life, once trust is lost it is difficult to regain. We understand that completely and try hard to maintain the trust we build each day with everyone we work with. These traits play a large role in why we perform so much work for repeat clients.

Creative, Innovative Value Engineers

One of our unique competitive advantages is our ability to balance quality and cost. In our Design-BUILD construction process, we are constantly searching for a better way to accomplish the client’s goals within the desired budget. The process we use in our Design-BUILD construction work helps us in bid situations as well. We are currently involved in several bid projects in which we were the low bidder, but the low bid was over budget. We successfully helped the clients determine how to bring their project within budget so they could start construction. As a testament to our ability, four contractors had attempted to get one particular church in budget before we became involved and did so successfully. We leave no stone unturned as we look for ways to bring true value to projects.

Our Design-BUILD process assures quality design and construction drawings, as well as subcontractors. These factors, along with Marsh/Bell’s experienced personnel, allows us to excel in the field which reduces our operational costs. This produces satisfied clients who desire to do repeat business with Marsh/Bell, which lowers marketing costs. The reduced marketing and operational costs, along with cost effective designs, allow us to extend excellent pricing to our clients.

Various Project Delivery Methods

Our preferred project delivery method is Design-BUILD, however we work with clients in other ways as well. We can partner with architectural firms that contract directly with the client, and we also participate as an invited bidder in situations where the design is complete and going out to bid.

Quality Assurance

Marsh/Bell Construction has a Quality Assurance Program that is focused on “doing it right the first time”. The prevention of problems versus the correction of problems is the basis of our quality efforts. Our program was modeled after programs developed by the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. Successful project managers and winning sports teams are alike in that they are grounded in the fundamentals. Our program is just good common sense and ensures that the basic fundamentals of construction management are executed to deliver exceptional quality. Quality can be greatly influenced by what materials are specified during design and how they are installed. That’s another reason our design-build construction process is a significant advantage for our clients.

Client Feedback/Satisfaction

A key ingredient for our continuous improvement process is getting candid feedback from our clients. Perception is reality. We want to make sure that Marsh/Bell and the client see the same things the same way. Dissatisfaction occurs when expectations are not met. Many times, “silent dissatisfaction” occurs like when you get poor service at a restaurant but tell the cashier everything was fine when asked. Our client feedback process lets us know if client expectations are being met in all aspects of the project in a timely manner and allows us to hear the “silent dissatisfaction”, no matter how small the problem. If a problem is communicated, we can investigate and correct quickly. We enjoy the positive comments we receive and enjoy communicating these to our employees as a confirmation of the great job they are doing.

Fanatical Focus on Warranty Items

Our goal is a zero punchlist at the end of a project and zero warranty calls. Our Quality Assurance Program helps us with that goal. However, if there is a warranty need, we want to take care of it as quickly as possible. It’s so important, the status of all requests are reviewed each Monday morning at the Project Managers meeting by Dwayne Bell and Mike Vargo, the principals of Marsh/Bell Construction. We don’t want to work hard for several months building a great project and then destroy our valued relationship over a warranty issue.

Butler Manufacturing

Marsh/Bell Construction is proud to be an approved Butler® Builder. Their pre-engineered building systems are the industry standard in terms of quality and reliability. The Butler Research Center, the only research and testing facility of its kind in the industry, enables us to give you that assurance.

Quality and reliability are delivered through unique features such as a weather tight roof (Butler has designed the industry’s only true 360 degree double lock seam to assure complete weather tightness), a patented roof clip that allows the roof to expand and contract with temperature change, proper alignment with pre-punched materials, and Butler-Cote finishes which resist fading and chalking dramatically better than any other paint system. Butler warranties are unmatched in the industry, with 20 years or longer, depending on the product.

If you are wondering the condition of your existing roof and would like to have it inspected, we can assist you. Butler has multiple roof solutions, no matter which type of roof you currently have.

See our Pre-Engineered Project Profiles and Butler® Manufacturing’s website for photos of pre-engineered building projects. Many people think of metal buildings, but you’ll be surprised at the variety of exterior options available. You gain advantages in cost and schedule with the pre-engineered systems, but the building can look like conventional construction from the exterior.


Our daily emphasis on safety provides a great place for all employees and subcontractors to work. This has yielded our company an excellent insurance modification factor of .85. We are proactive in our approach to safety and have actually requested OSHA inspections for specific projects instead of waiting to see if OSHA will select them for review.

Marsh/Bell Construction contracts an outside safety consultant firm who specializes in safety program administration and training. Our superintendents, project managers, and safety consultant work in concert to keep jobsites safe, clean, and organized.