Marsh/Bell knows your business well. We have been strategic partners for several key developers and REALTORS® for years. Our primary goal is to help you provide the optimum service to your client. We understand that:

Time is of the essence for you. If you don’t get the information you need in a timely manner, the deal could be lost.

We are a tremendous resource during the “due diligence” period of land and/or building purchase. We mobilize the professionals to answer many of the questions that must be addressed for you or your client to make a confident purchase decision.

You need accurate information from which to base your decisions, or you could set the lease rate, building price, etc. incorrectly, which may make a project suffer or fail. With recent code changes and increased agency involvement in every project, our team of professionals can help answer the critical questions related to a property and/or a building project, as well as the cost implications. Fire protection system requirements, proper water flow at the site, tenant wall separations, etc. are the types of issues we deal with on a regular basis as we sit down at the design table with clients such as yours. Let us provide you with “professional opinions” of budget costs as you are performing preliminary project feasibility analyses to increase their accuracy. You’ll be amazed at how quickly we can develop floorplans, elevations, and budget pricing for a potential project.

Your project needs vary from new construction (complete or shells), renovations, to upfits. Marsh/Bell has an excellent track record in each area. Renovations are a different animal from new construction. Our Project Profiles highlight some of our projects, including the recent conversion of the former Rhodes Furniture building in Greenville to a new car dealership for Toyota of Greenville. We also just renovated the majority of the former Leatherwood, Walker, Todd & Mann building office in Greenville which is now the Regions Bank building.

Your clients may have a difficult time imagining what a building is going to look like just on paper. We can assist you in developing 3-D project photographs, or even fly-arounds or walk-throughs to help your client make design decisions, or to provide you with a marketing piece that you can use to market the project effectively before construction ever begins. Contact us to see examples.

You can’t afford unanticipated change orders to increase your project’s cost. With Marsh/Bell’s Design-Build process, there will be no change orders unless the client changes the scope of work or concealed conditions surface.

You need someone who is creative and experienced at value engineering projects for best value, keeping maintenance, quality, and durability in mind.

All information related to your transactions is highly confidential, given the competitive nature of your business.

You never know what issue can arise during project evaluation and negotiation. We’ll help you develop creative solutions to roadblocks to the deal in a timely manner. We’re great on the “people” side as well as the technical side, and can assist you in keeping the emotions of all parties in check.

There are differences in clients, such as corporate chain stores vs. individual businesses. Marsh/Bell is experienced with both. We recognize those differences and adjust our communication accordingly.

If we help you provide exceptional service to your client, your client will be back, and our partnership will have more opportunities to work together, a true win-win situation.