The overall goal of Marsh/Bell Construction’s Quality Assurance Program is to prevent mistakes, rather than correct them. Building it right the first time, according to the plans and specifications, provides benefits for all involved. It helps the project stay on schedule, no additional costs are born, and the desired level of quality is achieved. Marsh/Bell has a safety consultant that assists management in implementing this program for the company. All Marsh/Bell employees view this as a crucial part of their daily responsibility. We understand that our best marketing is quality, well executed projects.

Marsh/Bell Construction’s Quality Assurance Program is based on programs developed by the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. It’s a common sense approach that is focused on tasks called “Definable Features of Work” (DFOW’s). A DFOW is a critical task that has unique control requirements. Examples would be excavation for foundations, concrete foundations, masonry walls, interior electrical wiring, etc. For each DFOW, there are three phases of control:

Preparatory Phase – performed and documented PRIOR to starting the DFOW in order to resolve conflicts in advance of construction. Examples of activities include reviewing contract drawings, specifications, test requirements, safety requirements, material orders/delivery dates, and submittals.

Initial Phase – performed and documented at the BEGINNING of the DFOW. The issues that surfaced in the Preparatory Phase are reviewed and the contractor gets the work started in full compliance with contract documents. Testing procedures and compliance with safety standards are confirmed.

Follow-Through Phase – surveillance, inspection, and documentation of the DFOW as the work CONTINUES. Confirmation of adherence to the contract requirements and quality standards that were discussed and reviewed during the Preparatory and Initial Phases occurs in this phase. This phase may be performed on a daily, routine, or predetermined basis as required to ensure expected quality.

Marsh/Bell Construction’s program creates the proactive communication that is needed at several stages before critical aspects of the job, as well as the ongoing communication that is needed to get the work done right while the workers are on site doing it the first time. If a deficiency is noticed, it is recorded in a special notebook and the subcontractors’ foremen review it so the item can be addressed immediately. It’s like an ongoing “punchlist” while the subcontractor is on site and eliminates the need for correction at a later date which could cause more than one trade to be involved. We use the latest in project management software (Prolog) and estimating software (Timberline) which assists our Project Managers in implementing the program and tracking progress.

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