ClientBrookwood Community Church South Campus Building

Contact: Larry Harmon / David Batson

Design Type: Design-Build

Architect: Green Arch Architecture

Size: Approximately 20,000 sq.ft. (total) – Two buildings (10,000 sq.ft. each)

End Use: Primary use for youth and youth activities.


• Butler Manufacturing Company Pre-Engineered Buildings.
• Painted MR24 roof systems and Stywall wall panel systems (also by Butler Mfg. Company).
• A medium reflective storefront glass system at the front courtyard area.
• Courtyard is constructed out of stamped concrete and stacked stone retaining walls.

Project Info: The building is divided up into two sections: a multi-purpose building a full gymnasium and working stage. The multi-purpose area includes a café, various meeting rooms, and an open-air multi-purpose area. The multi-purpose area utilizes a gaming station and an open-seating café.

There is also a full production video studio in the multi-purpose building, as well as additional storage and shop area. Inside the multi-purpose room is a second-story control room that houses all the electronics for the working stage and gymnasium area.

The gymnasium is a full-size gym complete with six basketball goals and volleyball inserts into the floor. The floor is a Mondo sports floor system. The stage is full-height working stage that will be used for bands and performances and preaching and church services. The gym also houses a full-size baptismal pool, which is elevated above the stage level and has two separate changing rooms on the second floor. The gym also has a greenroom where guest performers/speakers are set off stage, as well as a youth director’s office and additional storage areas.

A unique feature of this building is that it seats approximately 750 people inside the facility for either a church service or special activity. The buildings are completely independent of each other; however they do connect to allow a tunnel-type condition from the multi-purpose room into the gymnasium.

There is a fairly extensive electrical dimming package in the multi-purpose room and the gymnasium that coordinates with the sound video room and the stage performing areas.