Zeuna-StarkerPre-engineered buildings are often a sensible building solution and can be easily modified to appear as if they are of a more conservative building method or design. Choosing a pre-engineered metal building is a cost-efficient alternative to conventional building design in commercial applications. They are engineered to specific dimensions based on your exact building project needs, taking into account all relevant building codes, environmental factors, and potential load issues.

So how do you determine whether a pre-made building solution is right for your project? Here are some advantages to choosing a pre-engineered structure for your next commercial construction project.

1. They are fully customizable – A metal building no longer means investing in a visually unappealing metal box. Today the exterior finishing options include stucco, brick, and glass as well as metal. No one would ever know your building was pre-engineered if you didn’t want them to.

2. They can be erected more quickly than conventional construction methods – The term pre-engineered can be taken very literally here. No time is dedicated to traditional construction techniques that require parts to be drilled, cut, fitted or welded on site. Additionally, there is less waste at the job site because the building is pre-made at the manufacturing plant to precise specifications.

3. They offer a way to build affordable, cost saving buildings for all aspects of commercial construction including:

  • Offices and Office Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Retail Power Centers
  • Regional Shopping Malls
  •  High-technology Research and Development Facilities
  •  Hospitality Structures and Spaces
  • Institutional Construction Projects

4. Pre-engineered metal building systems are delivered and installed quickly – These qualities eradicate the need for on-site changes, on-site subcontractors, and other added expenses incurred with traditional construction methods. Once the design is approved, the building typically ships from the manufacturer in approximately 2 weeks.

5. The use of pre-made structures in commercial construction offers flexibility because of the design and assembly process – Remodeling and addition projects are a simpler process, with minimal disruption to normal operations.

6. Butler building systems meet 4 of the 6 categories outlined by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) that contribute to sustainability. – For you this means better energy efficiency, a longer building lifespan, and a reduction in materials used to build your project.

7. Practically no limitations to building size and shape – Whether you want a single story design, multiple story design, clearspan or longbay space, offices or a warehouse; there is a pre-engineered building system for you.

8. Astonishing strength and durability – Constructed primarily from steel, your pre-engineered building will withstand the elements and the test of time. Additionally, steel is around 66% recyclable which offers environmental benefits as well as financial benefits. Butler Manufacturing uses up to 74% recycled steel in their buildings.

9. Steel buildings are safer than conventional construction materials – Aside from its obvious advantages in strength in durability specifically when discussing the weather, steel buildings are also heat and fire resistant. Because steel does not burn it can often result in savings in insurance premiums making your pre-engineered building investment just a little bit sweeter.

We have only offered a handful of advantages to choosing a pre-engineered building system for your next commercial construction project, but there are many more wonderful perks to this innovative building option. For more information on pre-manufactured buildings, specifically Butler Buildings, visit Marsh Bell Construction Co.’s Butler Manufacturing page on their website at www.marshbell.com/butler-manufacturing or check out Butler Manufacturing’s website at www.butlermfg.com. If you’re looking for a better idea of what visually aesthetic options a metal building can offer, check out the pre-engineered building projects page at www.marshbell.com/category/pre-engineered-buildings for pictures of some of Marsh Bell Construction Co.’s recent Butler Building designs.