As a business owner looking to embark on a new construction project, choosing the correct construction delivery method can be a confusing and stressful process. With so many key factors to evaluate first such as budget, project size, building type, whether to hire a general contractor, scheduling, etc., it’s easy to understand that you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are a few common types of construction delivery methods to consider, but one of the best is the Design-build method. Hiring a design-build contractor will not only save you time and money, but its designed to keep you, the owner, well informed and up to date on the project’s progress.

Using the design-build method can cut your architectural fees considerably only paying about 10%-20% of the architectural fees. You will still receive a design, 3-D renderings and a contract price that will allow you to actually use the drawings to construct your new facility. Additionally, since the contractor is so actively involved with the design process and has a good understanding of the material and labor costs, the price to actually build the design will most likely be under your original building budget. This is assuming that there weren’t a lot of additions that require a considerable amount of extra work that wasn’t accounted for during the design phase.

Other advantages to choosing the Design-build process for your construction project:

  • A Design-Build Contractor allows for cost control and value engineering.
  • Design-Build (conventional construction as well as pre-engineered building systems) is an ideal way to increase communication, eliminate extra steps, condense timelines, and add bottom-line savings.
  •  Single source responsibility and accountability trough the single design build contractor and construction management team.
  • Dedicated construction management and project management
  • Saves money and time by developing a team relationship between the owner, architect, and general contractor.
  • Reduces pre-construction time by reducing the drawn out bidding process.
  • Fewer changes ordered because the pre-construction and construction management team approach has reduced the number of oversights in the design phase.

As a commercial contractor since 1984, Marsh Bell Construction Co. can provide creative, cost effective and sustainable solutions for your construction project needs. Marsh/Bell Construction can serve as your design build contractor, your general contractor and offer construction management services for any construction project you may be considering.
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